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Quality Toilet Seats

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Quality Toilet Seats

SA's Largest Wooden Toilet Seat Producer

Utilizing an improved and innovative manufacturing process, our high quality toilet seats are distributed in over 200 retail outlets all over southern Africa.

Local Family Owned Company

Quality, service and value are at the core of this family owned company. We are committed to these values and back all our products with a hassle free two year guarantee.

Production Process for Moulded Toilet Seats

Our high-tech machinary is only part of the production picture that includes a top team consisting of 100 skilled staff members.

Recycling Sawdust into Toilet Seats

The Active Factory is the only toilet seat manufacturer in South Africa using heat compression technology to turn sawdust into toilet seats.

Superior Finishing Process

Our seats are coated with multiple layers of paint and baked in an oven to ensure a hard, hygienic, long lasting, scratch resistant finish.


We can take over at any stage in the design process to ensure that you get the best solution for your seat requirements. Creating either a contemporary or classic look, our seats will add value and complement the design of your pans.

Brands and Retailers

Our toilet seats are available at most retail outlets. Builders Warehouse, CTM, On tap and Plumblink are the larger retailers that stock our seats. Our toilet seats are sold under Active Factory and Builders Pride Brands.

We Make Cabinets Too

Our range of sprayed bathroom mirror cabinets is both stylish and functional.

Contact Us

Give us a call and our friendly staff will be happy to assist with your enquiry. Factory visits are welcome by appointment only. We look forward to hearing from you!